Ink Casket

My online shop specializing in modern art prints, posters, and home decor.


Ink Casket is my online shop for some of the design work I sell. The brand needed to be intentional, modern, and minimalistic.


Since I specialized in posters and art prints, the logo needed to reflect some element of that process. Naturally, I think of "Ink" since its in the name of the company. I settled on a stylized squid logo, as that has references to ink. The aesthetic is geometric and edgy to reflect the style of their posters. Additionally, the striking Gold on Charcoal color palette gives the brand an almost luxurious feeling. The Glyphs are abstracted tools of trade, such as a pencil tip, compass, and ink droplet. These Glyphs can be used in patterned backgrounds or other brand related stationaries.

Webpage Designs

I wanted to go with Shopify since that reduced a lot of headaches with credit card processing and security. The platform is powerful and flexible to acomodate any theme. Additionally, responsive design was easy to implement with the built in bootstrap library. The shop has since expanded to Etsy as its main platform, but much of the branding and tone remains.

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