UX Illustrations

Initial Concepts

I've been a UX Designer at Coldwell banker for over a year now, and it's been fantastic. This has been a mature team that truly understands the agile UX process. That being said, there was little documentation for our internal UX process. With the combined efforts of Megan Kelly, Matt Kelley, Daniel Castellanos, and myself , we were able to document our UX Process. I specialized in creating Illustrations to accompany each step of the UX process.

I started by sketching standard office scenes that best represented our working environment. I wanted each Illustration to be metaphorical and delightful. Common scenarios included people talking or using technology.


After a brief sketch session, I immediately went to work on creating the vector objects. The first step was to design the legs and feet; I explored several poses and experimented with various body poses.

I want to note that we invested an incredible amount of effort with inclusive design, that is, making sure that we represented all types of people in our Illustrations. The feedback from our UX Designer Megan Kelly was invaluable.


Daniel noticed that the initial illustrations had oversaturated colors. I refined the color palette to the perfect balance of lightness and content. Additionally, I placed each person in contextual scenarios that best illustrate each step in the UX process.

Final Design

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