User Provisioning

Initial Concepts

There were a couple parameters for first time users: A valid email is needed and a registration code. The onboarding at the time was a simple form field, leaving much white space for illustrations or instructional text. Other than that, I was given permission to add some creative touches to the page. Some initial sketches helped map out the steps.

Inspirational Sources

It's hard not to be in awe with the onboarding processes of successful companies like Dropbox, Evernote, and Yahoo. I compiled some images to see how the best in the industry approaches with first time experiences. It seems simplicity, key illustrations, and concise instructions were some common factors with an effective onboarding process.

Design Prototypes

The illustrations were crafted on Sketch and Illustrator, and the interactive animations were made on Principle. I created two approaches, both with varying levels of complexity and design but follows the 3 step verification process.

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