Coldwell Banker

Redesigning the page to inform and connect home owners to real estate agents.


The product owner felt there was an opportunity to improve our sellers page - the informational page that connects homeowners with agents. I performed a Heuristic Analysis and identified several opportunities for UX improvements. The goal was to improve the scannability of the page as well as build confidence with users to reach out if they have any questions. Our KPIs included pageviews and contact form submissions.


Originally several large blocks of cluttered text, the new page will have summarized information, a modernized look, and an optimized design for mobile. The goal is to improve scannability; the user should be able to glance at the webpage quickly and understand the general concepts.


Illustrations provided a great opportunity to convey complex messages succinctly and meaningfully while being on trend with modern web design. Subtle hints of expression and personality help the information stand out even more in a way that augments the user experience with style and charm.

Final Designs

Key Performance Indicators

Early in the project, the product owner and I hypothesized that if we provided users a trustworthy and digestible web page, they are more likely to reach out. I measured the number of contact form submissions and pageviews from 2017 and 2018; the former being the legacy designs and the latter being the new designs. The results speak for themselves.


Wireframes, Designs: Alan Gi

Analysis: Evan Cony, Alan Gi

Development: Nathaniel Allread

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